Our first course on starting your own business is divided into the following three sections:

Section 1 Business Skills – includes four lessons on essential business skills.

Section 2 Computer Skills - includes two lessons on business computer and networking skills.

Section 3 Website Essential Skills – includes 6 lessons in essential business website creation skills.


In Section 1, Business Skills, we learn how to the economy works, how to create a successful business and how to write a business plan. This section includes the following four lessons.

Lesson 1 How Our Economy Works

Lesson 2 How a Successful Business Works

Lesson 3 Prepare Your Business Plan

Lesson 4 Write Your Business Plan

In Section 2, Computer Skills, we explain how computers work and how networks work. This section includes the following three lessons.

Lesson 5 How Computers Work

Lesson 6 How Networks Work

In Section 3, Website Essential Skills, we explain how to use the Bluefish Web Editor to more easily and rapidly create a basic web page. Our method is to learn by doing. We will learn HTML by creating a series of web pages.

Lesson 7 Create Your First Web Page

Lesson 8 Create Web Pages with Bluefish

Lesson 9 Heading and Paragraph Tags

Lesson 10 Style Attributes to Customize Text

Lesson 11 How to Add Images to Web Pages

Lesson 12 How to Add Color to Web Pages

This section includes articles on additional skills useful for starting your own business and building your own business website.